Manju Oberoi Sowl - India

After completing my schooling I did my graduation in English Literature from Indraprastha College, Delhi followed by Post Graduation in the same stream from Hindu College, Delhi. I received my degree in law from Campus Law Centre, Delhi University in 1987 and was registered with BAR COUNCIL OF INDIA under registration no. D/288/87.
I began my practice from the District Courts and The High Court of Delhi. I dealt with various types of litigations including Injunction Suits, Suits For Specific Performance, Suits For Recovery Of Money, Suits For Possession, Disputes before Rent Tribunals, Summary Suits, Matrimonial Disputes, Custody Petitions of Minors, Protection of Women from Domestic Violence, Dowry Harassment Laws, Arbitration, Consumer Protection Laws, Labour Disputes, Succession Matters, Customs And Foreign Exchange Regulatory Laws and Preventive Detentions, Disputes under the Negotiable Instruments Act, Disputes before the Company Law Board and Debt Recovery Tribunals for individual and corporate clients.
Along with ensuring a steadily growing practice I was also handling several pro bono litigations for economically weaker clients and NGOs.
Over 20 years of practice, I have built a vast network of professional colleagues in the trial courts and the High Court who have expertise in various fields.
Married since 1984 to Upjive Singh Oberoi, my husband and I have been blessed with my son Hersh Vardhan Oberoi born on 25.08.86 (while I was yet to finish law college) and daughter Vrinda Singh Oberoi born on 01.10.1988. My husband is a sea farer working as a Dynamic Positioning Officer on Multi Support Vessels and travels the globe for various assignments. While Hersh finished his BBA and is preparing for his entrance to MBA, Vrinda is in the fourth year of law college NALSAR.
As a parent with young children and my husband traveling for work for better part of the year, I faced several challenges - professional and personal. The experiences not only braced me for more but also gave me valuable lessons in understanding the challenges each working professional woman faces trying to balance several facets of life.
With the desire to provide support to my young colleagues facing similar challenges, I have joined SOWL-INDIA. I hope our common experiences and the desire to provide support will ensure that we are able to meaningfully achieve the objectives of SOWL-INDIA.