Priti Suri Sowl - India

Early litigation exposure in India armed me with knowledge of contentious issues that arise in business contracts, and so I also have substantial experience in dispute resolution. Spanning a long career graph, either as an associate, or a partner, or a managing partner, I have done extensive work in ICC and AAA arbitrations with involving very high values. I was also appointed as "Special Counsel" to the State of Ohio, Office of Attorney General, in relation to advice on India related litigation matters. While living in Paris, I represented several corporations in numerous cross-border transactions, prepared detailed documentation in French, and analyzed global tenders between French multinationals and different state entities across the world, including in South-East Asia and Africa.
As a first-generational lawyer starting out with my own firm several years ago was a huge challenge, and there were (and even now) no guide-books! But, I was determined and have learnt that the age-old cliche - Hard work will always pay - is the best mantra for any success for which there are no short-cuts. Being a woman has never been a handicap for me. With over 24 years behind me, I felt it is high time to start "giving back" to the legal community and SOWL-India is one way to do so. I would like to help Indian women, lawyers or otherwise, come forward and not be scared to pursue their dreams. Additionally, I want to use my positions as Vice-Chair of India Committee of ABA's International Law Section and as Chair of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association's Women Business Lawyers Committee to try and exchange experiences confronting women lawyers in other jurisdictions as well so that we find solutions at a local/national/transborder level as time evolves.