Vaishali Deshpande Sowl - India

The motto of Vaishali Deshpande is "To succeed in all circumstances". Every problem comes with a solution and with this belief she has gained a rich experience as a litigator since the last 19 years. She completed her graduation in B.Sc. Zoology (Hons.) from Delhi University in the year 1991. She completed her LLB from Campus Law Centre, Delhi in 1994.

She started her practice from the District Courts to learn the basics of the profession, wherein the most important thing she learnt was that a lot needs to be done for women taking up this profession. After having a stint in the District Court for a year she worked in Bhasin & Co. for three years handling many Government and non-Government, clients. She got an opportunity to handle matters independently and having a science background, she analyzes the cases to the core. It is said that diving deep into the oceans, you will definitely find a pearl and pearl she did find in matters she handled.

Motherhood and marriage thereafter again reinforced her belief that a lot needs to be done for women taking up this practice.

Vaishali Deshpande feels blessed that her family and friends believe in her belief and have always encouraged and supported her in continuing with the profession and balancing home and work.

She is the cofounder of the firm "Corporate & Legal" she and her husband have established. The firm deals with both Corporate matters and Litigation. The firm is on the panel of many multinational companies (Swiss, German, Spanish etc.) taking care of their litigation and corporate issues. Ms. Vaishali Deshpande has experience in Recovery suits, Injunction Suits, Family matters, Property matters, Writs, Service matters, Arbitrations, School and University matters.

She has also assisted Dr. Arun Mohan, Senior Advocate in his revolutionary book Justice, Courts and Delay. To reiterate, analyzing a matter to its core is the forte of Vaishali Deshpande. She gets real and true happiness when her client gets relief as also in doing something fruitful for downtrodden and neglected specially children.

Corporate and legal is also on the panel of some Indian companies and individuals. It also believes in probono services.